riot melting slowly
the summers sun is only a day away
andru235 it's delicious

o, sacred mint
sameolme A sacred mint saved me from depression, to taste the mint became my salvation. 041227
ever dumbening The bits and parts flying around in my house and heart and brain bring me to sifting through the midden again. In the closet I find a 1971 uncirculated Eisenhower silver dollar. A brief search results in the realization that its value is more than face but less than the hassle of finding someone willing to pay said value. The nugget though, is that I realized it was minted in San Francisco, about one hundred yards away from where I now type. A small piece of silver is stamped, sent to a sixty-six year old grandmother in Morristown, New Jersey, who then sends it to her two year old son in St. Louis, who then carries it with him to California, eventually to his apartment mere feet away from its original home. I'm tempted to toss is over the fence into the ivy surrounding the mint, so it can rest—ashes to ashes. 090223
ever dumbening errata *grandson*

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