Id Lab (in purple)

A great tragic figure - unloved bastard son of Pasiphae and the bull, or Minos' misformed offspring? Trapped in the labyrinth, a prison with no doors, a way in but no way out, until the brutal Theseus uses the tricks of the beautiful to gain admittance to the heart of the creature's sister, to the bed even; and to the Beast's pen. He slaughters the freak, then abandons the sister on a deserted rock, in pursuit of heroic glory.

A tale told with the storyteller's fallacy of beauty being goodness, and ugliness evil; a device we should reject, but there is a grain of it in every mind, subliminally conveying a halo onto those who please the eye.

Picasso knew that ugliness was torture, not malevolent intent. His Minotaur is the image of a country fused with the image of the people of that country, two parts forced together in an unnatural and doomed union; a Divine punishment inflicted on the innocent.
andru235 keeper of an unknown maze
wandering, his mind a haze
who did build this twisted place?
can the minotaur you face?
what's it to you?
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