andru235 "barbaric humans plan to spread to nearby stars! basic problems of existence remain unaddressed. despair increases. now trillions can languish!"

--galactic press, 552.67845.gdr.65376.34

"they aren't sure if there is a meaning to existence, and after they trashed their planet and assumed the quasi-nihilistic religion of science, they went to the moon! now they aim to recreate their absurd towers of idiocy on other planets!"

--galactic press,

"despite a complete lack of evidence that space travel would do anything to uplift their collective spirits, and in spite of the obvious quashing of individualism beneath the homogenous system required to produce interspacial replication, and without any regard to the idea that a utopia could be founded on their very own planet, the human leaders redirected their ambitions towards a dynastic space empire!"

--milky way times, issue #7,615,734,861,906,004,523,754,876,234,754,780,637,643,710,000,002
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andru235 "don't question the techno-authorities."

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