klairchen I'm tired. My head hurts and somehow I think I've sprained my ankle and I don't remember how it happened. I have a 30 page paper due, soon. I've run out of conditioner. A real nice guy asked me out and now I want to hide in the corner. He thinks that I am smart and nice. I know that I am wicked. 001011
silentbob fine, i'll ask you out
i know nothing about Smarts or looks er nuthin! we'll just GO OUT!
klairchen Could I use you to make someone jealous?

That would be very conniving, but on the other hand, very satisfying.
devil_woman Sometimes that is fun, but evil no doubt. Do what you got to do and repent later. 040223
white_wave i hope i will remain elegant. it calms me sometimes. 040224
what's it to you?
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