somedaysam I am an addict I can't quit you I need intervention I need prevention I need to stay away from you I need you You are the bottle and it's always half full and I'll never get to the bottom of you I need you to take the edge off to relax to have a good time Wake up hung over need a drink of you to get going just one little swallow What time is it? you-thirty! Just a swallow 020522
good people i am addicted to granola bars. 020523
girl_jane "I have a headache... I never get headaches. I know it's not stress because I don't have anything to be stressed about."

"Maybe you're addicted to stress and you're going through withdrawls..."

I want my headache to go away.
silentbob i think i'll always be just a little bit in love with that stupid girl 020524
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