j_blue a trendy homo director, pretty much all his movies take place in lala land

living end
(touted as the first action gay flick, and it is gay, both in content and film style, it reminds me of videos they play at gay bars to dance remixes)

totally fucked up
(received some funding from national endowment for the arts, and its kinda interesting)

doom generation
(a high school teen couple run into a psycho and go on a bizarre spree where everyone recognizes the chick (rose mcgowan) and tries to kill them, the psycho ends up saving the couple by killing the attackers and everyone is strangely attracted to each other)

(90210 in hell, his most mainstream work, they attend high school classes like "the history of modern epidemics" and "human sexology")

anything else?
birdmad i loved doom_generation

cameo appearnce by members of skinny_puppy and perry_farrel

after our last date, samantha borrowed my copy of that movie

and never had the courtesy to return it
j_blue see: doom_generation 010124
birdmad i don't know whose in it

his most recent film was

silentbob hey i saw that
it kinda messed me up
what's it to you?
who go