flo go on d, lets have a definition 011212
ever dumbening In the manner of the urge-driven Scandinavian practice of bestowing random passers-by with frosty, thirstytwoouncer sized, homemade
Belgian-chocolate milk shakes, as if saying, "Hey, Mr. Coldnesswinterocity, we're ignoring you, in a chilled dairy fashion."
flo thanks 011217
plausibly "d"enying by the way, flo, i don't know who d is, so i'm sorry if i am guilty of blatherus_interruptus. and, uh, there's a d in my name, so there _is_ reasonable doubt. 011217
paste! c'mon, whatzthat from? the slacky cattle dictionary?

appropriori def.:

to disrupt the pancreatic velocity of a malfunctioning quasi-duck/quasi-parmesan ball as the said entity is in a state of general panic and suspended in clarified butter.
DannyH I believe I may be the 'd' Flo speaks of, but you are more than welcome to dive in there. I though it was an adverb describing the vague feeling that there are lots of things you have forgotten to do which comes on immediately after embarking on a holiday.
eg "The taxi was honking at him outside his house while he vacillated finumerativationally between Hawaii and a final check that the cooker was off."
flo danny, you never cease to amaze me, what have you got? A fucking great big dictionary or something. 011222
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