silentbob Castrate. 001018
tourist By removal of the pesky Nads
I gain access to the harem
my eyes behold the succulent curves
and moist vallies of the forbidden land
without the loss of life so feared by
Mortal man
the heady scent of the fertile delta
wasted not on the seedless farmer
who now sows not but only wanders
the supple rolling hills of wonder
becoming now the gathering hunter
the last of the lotus eaters
silentbob shit, tourist, you're fuckin awesome! 001019
tourist age silentbob age 001019
barnaclebill Lets hear it for the nutless wonder
whos voice is high yet still he'll plunder.
marjorie sometimes if someone goes by a name not their own, but feminine, men get upset. even though it is not them at all. they start talking about skirts. and i think they all feel as though they are being emasculated and betrayed. 001104
bill bixby fuck 'em. go on and express yourself. 001104
what's it to you?
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