typhoid absolutely fucking beautiful. used to build dreamcastles and the like.
most commonly white, but i've seen red, bluish, and brown.
harder than you would think
but only because it follows the rules of the dreamworld.
god villa i got theee 2ft. by 2ft. squares as a walway going from the driveway to the patio. 011114
tonya and in our next installment of THis old Hallucination we're gonna teach those birds over there not to park in front of the house 011114
paste! it's like when you start hanging out with the arabian_lesbian and the elephant comes in with a deli tray.

"hey, here's a flag."
"oh, good."
littel_elf one touch can whisk you off to dreamland. It holds many dreams both great and small within its tiny stone self, and belongs to the Keeper_of_Dreams. 030130
god i dream of wires. 030620
what's it to you?
who go