hsg are to be burned in mass quantities all day. whenever you do something, walk around as you do it. if ur scrubbing a dish, or your teeth, or texting a friend. just walk around at the same time. it gets easier & it becomes an unconscious habit from which you still reap the rewards. do squats all the way to the ground whenever you shower, as u wait online. chew gum, three pieces ALLDAYLONG. drink 2 litres of iced water within 20mins 4x's per day. run when u awake. run b4 u sleep. even if its only a min. add 30secs each time. you'll run a marathon before the year is up. keep a detailed journal. challenge yourself. you'll always find two things: 1) you can do far more than you thought and 2) its always worth the effort. these two things you cannot avoid. 061014
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