ivyducktwilightseto wow, I finally touched one. yes, it is out of context for me to talk about anything that sounds so immature (like anyone noticed anyway) but I just had to say this. It really isn't that great. If I really want to grab a tit, I'll just grab my own (yes I am a fat mother fucker.) Pshah. the only reason men love them is because society has made them into such a sex symbol. Later.

uncle blather you got a lot to learn kid 041222
ivyducktwilightseto Okay yeah I was totally wrong. I can't believe I even wrote this. I'm also really surprised there weren't any other entries on this. 060314
birdmad blue-footed and red-footed boobies are medium to large sea-birds frequently found in the west-central and southwest Pacific 060314
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