24 August 2004
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Before, During, and After

Jihad Al Khazen Al-Hayat

Before the war on Iraq, during it, and up until today, I have been saying that the real reason behind the war was the protection of Israel's security, nothing else; not weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), or a link between Saddam_Hussein and Al Qaeda.

Today, it was proven that the pretexts for the war were erroneous, which indirectly proves the existence of another reason, that...
a "point" the Red Cross reported that 70 percent to 90 percent of detainees were "arrested by mistake." 040824
24 August 2004 Bush's Father Foresaw Costs of Iraq War

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WASHINGTON - Not many people foresaw the postwar difficulties the administration has endured in Iraq. Of the few who did, two stand out, both lions of the Republican Party.

One was President George H.W. Bush. The other was his secretary of state, James A. Baker.

"Incalculable human and political costs" would have been the result, the senior Bush has said

Baker had a similar view on the perils of a regime_change policy in Iraq after Desert Storm.

In a September 1996 opinion piece, he said, "Iraqi soldiers and civilians could be expected to resist an enemy seizure of their own country with a ferocity not previously demonstrated on the battlefield in Kuwait
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