tessa A segment on games and arts came on the television, and for a second I thought to myself 'I'd better listen to this, I'm sure the thesis will have something to say about it', and I started rehearsing the arguments in my head.

And then I realised that the thesis is gone. I don't have to supports its arguments or listen to its ideas any more. I am free to think whatever I like, form any opinion like, follow any strange thought or even have no opinion at all. I don't have to be coherent or cognisant or consistent.

I have a new appreciation for Barthes. I realised truly that the text speaks, argues, even thinks for itself. It is not me, I am not it.

I helped bring it into being and now we can go our separate ways. I may like it or hate it, disagree with it, think it's an idiot. It might even be smarter than me.

That's ok. Its nice. We're free.
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