jennifer I want to watch the sunset
with your arms around me
on a balcony
somewhere between here and there
mr. accommodation o.k. 001103
es a witless girl, streaming and screaming silently 040904
emmi "up here you see things for what they really are" 060312
pete after getting back from my run i went out on the balcony for the breeze. leaning over the railing and looking at the people below (nearly twenty stories down they looked quite small) when my roommate came out to hang out. unfortunately he decided to light up a cigarette upwind from me. i should start bugging him about that habit some more, it really clogs up my lungs. 070420
Soldier of Something Balconies bring out my imperious side; I am tantalized to make proclamations and employ sweeping gestures. 090920
Jurisprudence Balconies bring out my impious nature; I tantalize you into joining me in making gestures, sweeping and otherwise of exhibitionism. This is most true under moonlight outside the Garden Room. 090921
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