ravensfears Assimilation is something the Borg do on Star Trek. 020208
User24 we assimilate your culture.
we assimilate and synthesise your society
we re-brand and assimilate your identity

welcome to the future, version 4.
oldephebe yep 030831
Matt Doesn't Agent Smith do this also? 031226
The (agent) Smiths Indeed, Mr. Anderson. It would seem to be amoing the things I am capable of, but then lately it would seem that I am capable of quaite a number of things 031226
Smith Except, perhaps, spelling properly 031226
The eyes of Ollin Humanity says that it encourages diversity and individualism but under it's breath exclaims "the world would be perfect if everyone was just like me!" but would it really be a perfect world if we were all the same? no conversations because we know what the other person means, no fun because we would be ashamed seeing "ourself" acting improperly and imature (because we ALL hate our own photos!) no rebles, no new ideas, no self image, no soul. We
should never be afraid to be ourselves when God gave us our individuality as our most precious gift, because even God knows what it is like to be diffrent than the rest.
what's it to you?
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