nah....! "june, you fucker."

"oh...was it?"


"that was a long time ago."
ClairE I had a dress I loved.

My brother was four.
birdmad age 22

the year before my mom died

the struggle to break the last of my addictions

road trips with Tiffiney up to Sedona and Flagstaff and all around the northern forests

friday saturday and sunday nights at The Works and the Atomic Cafe, and sometimes at The Jungle after Tiff got the idea that she liked going to topless bars
silentbob clerks nirvana and i think i was in fifth grade 011202
ClairE I graduated fifth grade that year. Life got interesting in '95. 011202
essence a year of many parties, and tunes wippenberg - neurodancer 040520
(tuesday) i'm haunted by the ghosts of 1994.

god i hope they never leave.

we're long overdue for a renaissance and those ghosts play a large role. i can feel it.
what's it to you?
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