me? what people hold in their vices is purely broken.
and behold! that which you do not like shall be as evil before you, and that which you treasure will cease to amuse others.
amy vamp vixen virgin victim
or virtues
or whatever
Death of a Rose police squads have been formed for mine. 031224
werewolf his vices were ginger ale, coke, binge didn't really make sense to call them vices since that seems to assume opposition to something more real. In truth they were his lifestyle. Not ideal, but the answers he could muster. Ginger ale, coke, drinking socially and then finishing the job in private, lap dances as a form of therapy ( a meditation on life's impermanence - familiar women life, strange women death. An easy enough analogy to make in this time of sexual terror. Depending on the time and the virus everything from sex to breathing was probably considered reckless, sinful, acceptance of the black death.). 040326
------E My shape alone is vicious... and tempting. 070801
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