blueberries i close my eyes but i can still see the pain on your face. i can only beat my soul bloody for so long because if i can't stand, i am in no position to apologize.

i wish i could keep my eyes open, there's so much i've been blind to, images i've missed in motivated avoidance.

blood of lonliness won't wash clean.
its stains are eternal.
ClairE I love CSI. Why does everyone act like it should be a guilty_pleasure? 020102
forensic science bird luminol 020102
Phace Scars are also forever. Blood must be the highliter of the pages of life. 020102
phace lol @ science bird 020102
girl_jane I can't count the stains and scars on my body. You count them; you're the one who put them there. 020331
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