unhinged when you find out the only person you ever seriously dated has a kid. that he's actually trying to finish school, that he doesn't look like a drug skeleton anymore.

i have mixed emotions about it all. sad_but_true
unhinged but the more i think about it
i'm glad he's made attempts to straighten out his life
that he seems to be a good dad
that his son is adorable

after five years of wondering
what the fuck happened to him
i'm glad my worst thoughts didn't come true
In-Bloom Someone's petting my hair and cooing to me but there's a little translucent strand poking up that elicits a giggle
No, I'm not the darlin' I once was, just a bent fraction of Time in One's loving eyes.
major tom time may change me... 080818
unhinged 40 is rounding up on you

how does that feel?
what's it to you?
who go