log burning fire there is a paper star illuminated by a 6o watt lightbulb hung inconspiciously on the front porch. i step to the door and knock.

"rap, rap," says the woodpecker knocker.

a very cool, old man comes to the door to welcome me, grey hairs in his goatee. he wears columbia beach sandals in the summer rain. his name is vichy.

i asked if the boys of robin hill were home. he said they were all in ibiza, even the girls.

he showed me the farm. we talked and it was all the shit. i was blown away by this dude's elegant descriptions.

he defined the elements of happiness. there were some i still needed. three hours later, we were all on holiday in spain.
Sailor Jupiter ....has been bolted shut from me lately. So all I can do these nights is scratch at it and whine and hope to be the inside away from the things I deal with all day every day. 020820
jane it was once open wide
but now is ajar
i will open it again
Al begins with a large bottle of wild turkey 030425
puredream your eyes 040705
shower singer the impulse to laugh 040705
what's it to you?
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