silentbob a really good book. a really nice blatherer 030401
girl_jane I heard about this book at the beginning of the school year from my English teacher.

Her freshman classes were reading it.

She said it reminded her of me, and told me a little bit of what it was about.

I was flattered that she thought of me...
silentbob i thought of you when i read it. Pigtails. 030402
girl_jane :$ Thanks, Bobby... 030402
megan i absolutely loved this book.
read it in one day, which isn't saying much.. but still
girl_jane I sat in the bathtub to start reading it. I ran new bath water four times. I didn't put down the book until I was done.

I'm amazed people thought of me...very very very flattered.
rage thats me 060123
anne-girl 'she was bendable light... she shone around every corner of my day...' 060124
rage loves starboy
(punk is dead. long live the lightfooted)
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