kss the card trick, like any other magic is just a deception. If you're a good participant, you're paying attention to what the "magician" wants you to pay attention to, and not the bigger picture.

the reason your card is removed from the second set is that ALL of the cards change from the first set to the second. Because there are six cards the first time, you unlikely to memorize the other 5 cards, especially because you are trying to memorize your card, and all the face cards look vaguely the same. When 5 cards are produced at the end of the trick, it's true that your card has been removed. The "trick" is that all 5 of the original cards are gone, replaced with 5 of the six remaining face cards. So, no matter what card you picked in the original set, it will seem "removed" from the second set.

do it again, and pick 2 cards instead of one. clever, eh?
much appreciated thank you, king dude. 021216
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