drew i had this explosions of ideas awhile ago, and i was under the mistaken impression i had to tend to them all at once. now i know i've got quite a bit of time, so i work on a few things and put the rest on my shelf of ideas. i will get this webpage done before 2000, though, goddamnit... 991007
tourist Ideas come simultaneously to people. New ways of doing things, emerging technologies. The patent office can attest to this, two inventors applying for a patent within hours of each other, for the same device.
It's as if the time has come for this information to emerge, and those with brains tuned to the right frequency recieve the message.
Pay attention to your dreams and idle wanderings of your mind. The next broadcast could be a message for you.
Satan orgasms 001101
Mustard Inspector Devil, your read my mind. 010123
the one I love them both simultaneously.
Im a little ho.
nineteen finding that I am reading a blather argument and listening to one as well! 060317
what's it to you?
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