Q We are?

Surely you mean "When people have sex, they are having sex in space. Exactly."

Well, not surely. But surely you know what I mean exactly.
aaaaardy Place where "Damn, my neck is sore" is heard often. 011210
thieums We have this planetarium downtown... The city itself is so polluted and noisy that we never ever see the stars in the sky. The only way to see stars is to go into that room, sit, and watch.
- What are the stars made of, bro? asks my little sister.
- they're made of tiny lightbulbs plugged into the ceiling, I answer.
I have this dream that one night, all the lights downtown will go down -- maybe the powerplant will have exploded or something. Everything, for the first time in years, will be completely dark. And in the black sky, the distant stars will shine.
andru235 there are billions of us who share your dreams, hoping to someday reclaim our night skies... 050725
epithet oh 050726
rapariga peak_oil might make your wishes a reality 050726
jane plane_arium 050727
Doar plantain_arium 050727
rabbit and oldsmobiles: skydiving octoplanarian 050727
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