Dosquatch Why do we insist on carving up society into neat little categories, stuffing people into convenient little boxes, and forgetting that they might be anything more? Why do we do this to others? Why do we do this to ourselves?

I am Caucasian, American, Male, Middle Class, White Collar, Single, Nearsighted, Left_Handed, whatever whatever whatever.

But is that all that I am? Is this the sum total of my being? Am I not allowed out of my box to be anything other?

Angst is not owned by the young.
Pain is not owned by the goths.
Empathy is not owned by the women.
Forgetfulness is not owned by the old.
Drugs are not owned by the heads.
Sports are not owned by the jocks.
Rudeness is not owned by males.
Arrogance is not owned by the snobs.
Humility is not owned by the humble.

I am all of these things. I am not the box you stick me in, I am not the label I wear. I am not a nine digit serial number issued for taxation. I am not my name. Some days, I'm not even me.
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once again O i don't know... sometimes... on a bad day... a short person of the female persuasion is all the me I can manage...

But maybe there is more in the word short and the word girl than the world is willing to acknowledge.
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