typhoid i never realized how good these things were just out of the shell 000706
tourist Yeah typhoid. in the future they'll expect you to work for them to... 001102
Wayne Tonight I ate a bunch of peanuts with some kind a nice coating on them. Not latex, I think they were supposed to be beer nuts. But I didn't have them with beer. Instead it was orange pekoe tea with honey and and soy milk. How many other people have such great parties with weird friends writing about social justice to all hours (on other web sites)? Yak yak yak oh shut up now. 001118
Rhin as a teenager, my mother put peanuts in her coca cola. one should never, ever mention peanuts around her, or else you have just unwittingly subjected yourself, to a trip down memory lane - out comes the aquila.......sock hops, poodle skirts, drive-ins, 57 chevy convert., rock n' roll, homework on the beach...anyway, so i ask mom, why did you put peanuts in your coke? mom says, it made it fizz honey. 001118
seizure should not wear monicles 060523
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