notme nummy 040406
kookaburra oatmeal was my first real food.
its still like the first time.

i love myself some oatmeal.

why is this word so empty??????
misstree because not enough people have experienced the pleasures of True Oatmeal (not that instant crud), made nice and thick and not overcooked to being mushy, with raisins and brown sugar and lots of butter and a little cream. warms beyond the flesh, it does. 040416
nomme ahh rainsins and brown sugar, yes

real oats, not quick

but i like mine thin, not thick

everyone else i know likes it thick
some even like it cold
but i like it warm and thin, with lots of soy milk, or just more water if there's no milk
honey instead of brown sugar works well too
apple juice is not a good substitute for milk or water, unless it's in a glass by itself
nomme only had butter with cornmeal or cream of wheat (my other loves...which i also prefer thin) 040416
(_) . . . with soymilk and a little brown sugar or dried cranberries in the morning, and i am 30.64% more likely to be happy all day. 051114
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