User24 miscellaneous; surely the mere existence of such a word designates that there are some things that one simply cannot categorise? 031006
misstree too diverse to keep under one umbrella? 031006
User24 but if you raise the cut-off point, you can fit them into some sort of category, no?

I mean, all things are unique at the lowest level, it's just when you ignore the low levels that similarities emerge.
misstree zoom in, zoom out.
zoom in, zoom out.
when i really start kicking this around in the grey matter, i just feel like a kid with dad's binoculars.
everything can be brought to smear,
everything that Is, Is,
but everything Is, Differently.
and then i feel the SFW twitch that's been reinforced as late;
mayhaps i'm losing my taste for impactless conjecture?
nah. just that, when multiple possibilities exist, when multiple Answers exist, and the difference between them makes no difference, my brain starts looking out the window at the swingset, ignoring what i'm trying to use it for.
what's it to you?
who go