sarpedon The best thoughts occur while doing an activity in this state. 020107
<(O)__(O)> yes I enjoy cannabis too 020711
unique butterfly why can't i feel this way? 020728
phil today 020729
Dr. GoRsKi How can you feel this way about this person? Is it love or are you out of your mind? Or are you just mindless? 021126
pipedream is what happens on the last lap of the 100m freestyle, when your lungs are screaming, your legs kicking becuase you will them to, when all you can think of is touching the concrete end of the pool that seems like it'll never come, and yet: you-can't-stop. stopping would be defeat, stopping would be letting down all the people cheering for you, stopping would mean the sympathetic hand your coach would give as she hauls you out of the pool.

i will be hauled out, knees shaking, gasping for breath - but victorious.
kid andre Tunnel vision, can't hear the screams.

I'll never be able to stop.
what's it to you?
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