u24 relax
stork daddy but the world is upon us 050308
andru235 my, how BIG you are...! 050308
MInerva I'm not who you think,
take a closer look.
u24 addicted.
read the first three volumes (chapters 0-4) and now catching up online.
u24 volume four is in the post! w00t! 061003
u24 for some reason, I only read the hard-copy of this. so I'm totally out-of-date with my megatokyo knowledge up to vol 4.

and the gap between the volumes is so long that I end up having to re-read the whole series each time a new volume arrives.
u24 vol 5 is out soon ;) 070418
u24 I'm waiting for my signed copy of volume 4 to arrive. 070711
u24 *I meant volume 5

though I actually don't know where volume 4 is.. hmm.
µ I still haven't read it. I need to start over, that's the problem. 080327
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