Rainer i loathe netscape navigator. it's so overloaded with functions I'd never use in my entire life. same for microsoft internet exploder. why do these dorks built in mail programs and search engines and useless html editors and chat clients and...?
same for entire microsoft software. damn, I don't go to the dentist to have my hair cut and my car washed, so then why do they something similar with their software? and why is everything they do aimed upon taking over the market?

didn't they got that varieties are necessary in evolution?
Equin0x Then go to lynx.browser.org and get a Real Browser :)
Apologies for not writing anything deep about loathe. I'm tired.
Jack To loathe is to hate; to despise. Theres no point hating something that doesn't matter. Theres no point worrying about somethingt hat has yet to happen. What's the point? 001126
what's it to you?
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