Death of a Rose your every reason for being here. 040102
whitechocolatewalrus what does? 040102
Death of a Rose more of a invalidation of a missing person.


your crazy you know that.

more than likely.

chitter chattter cheater clutter.
death to me and that should be 'an invalidation' 040102
whitechocolatewalrus what you all would do for peanut butter. 040102
Death of a Rose this numbness i once felt. 040103
whitechocolatewalrus two thumbs
all for one
in advance
take three!
(numb numb numb)
a pinch of flower
and spice
(a cookie just for you)
unhinged it feels like how it ended invalidates what it meant to me 040103
Death of a Rose she once said, 'you know you have nothing that invalidates my discourse on your thoughts.'

i said, 'but your theories had already been invalidated by your constant lack of viable arguements.'

maybe we invalidated each other.
whitechocolatewalrus you can only invalidate yourself, because what others think of you shouldn't matter. it is only that it does matter that we even think about invalidation. so.... stop thinking.

easy, right?
what's it to you?
who go