ethereal Just when we were in our weakness.
Just when we lost all defense he took advantage of us.
First her. Then me.
Similar occurences.
You see that we're both weak, and you're a leech.
You say that we used you.
You just fished for where you'd be guaranteed results.

Boo on you!
afrika welcome, kindred spirit, to pain
shall we sip a wounded cup together?
dip these aching petit-fours in milk?
cuddle up with this clotting blood?
nurse the bitter flesh?
highanddry Two little girls...

But I escaped. And he's still taking advantage of you.
rage and we're both going to get fucked over. he makes me feel like i have no morals. i wish i could prove everyone wrong 060124
highanddry But part of me thinks you deserve it. 060127
what's it to you?
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