devalis Life isnít what I want to live for
For you, I would change
Silence is eternal
The first time I laughed, I cried, I died.

I have seen what life does when lived,
It saddened me
I leave the world today seeking
Better places,
Kinder races
Live toÖdie

Some sayÖ I donít care about their words
These are mine
My heart beats live and warm and
Gushes BLOOD
No romance here, but no ice to chill it

When I drop the words onto the pages
Is my
Heartmindbody purged?
Mr. Marksman . 040330
lost i my head gushing is the water somewhere were there's no one but a couple of people I can endure. gushing is the cool water somewhere were I don't have to worry about sharks. gushing will be all the unkind and unhealthy thoughts as they leave my mind and I relax in my cool water.
i wish this gushing water existed.
what's it to you?
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