Quintessensual dancing with a graphical user interface - at least its dancing 991111
PiRho I can think of better things to dance with than a gui (pronounced "gooey").

Especially one from Microsucks.

(penguins are cool [and free])

(think fire)
jessica fletcher it's like when i hear someone breathing behind me. 020515
nomatter and she said i was lucky for having to work late because she came and sat on my couch and pretended and was rude and condescending and pretentsious and i most likely would have said something incriminating 030920
Syrope you looked at me like no one else
but sometimes love just doesn't seem to conquer all

i can't forget
'cause when we were together
that's when i was at my best

tell me all the things i long to hear
like that was your favorite year

'cause that was my favorite year
what's it to you?
who go