Quintessensual So Simple

So simple, glucose,
A half of sucrose,
Mixed up in every fruit and grain,
Gasoline for the brain,
And leg, and heart and waving hand,
For nose to know, ears to hear the band,
To taste with tongue and touch with eye,
So simple, without we die.

Copr. 1999
troy "Glucose"
..Hook me-up by I.V. drip;
-force_feed my veins & let me trip.
Chugging-down clear Karo Corn_Syrup straight from the bottle;
-laying on the floor for hours after in a craven_coma, too THICK to even move.
I can't get enough of that addicting shit;
-my drug of choice that I can't quit.
Copyright 1999, Troy
Shugarhi I spent so long researching glucose for my science fair project and then I didn't even do it... 010521
sphinxradio is converted into ATP through the process of glycolysis and the krebs cycle.
i'm so smart :)
psychobabe eh, i hvae diabetes, and glucose is a major part of it 011104
datkeedfrmdefinyerd alpha or beta?!?!? 050418
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