klairchen Ok so, yeah same story as the spatula.
I was banned from sugar.
So every Saturday morning when the fruitrollup commercial came on between The Smurfs I would begin my quest for a fruitrollup. I was mesmorized by the way those kids in the commercial would rap the fruitrollups around their fingers. So I went to the fridge and all I could find were some processed cheese slices.

The cheese slices didn't work quite the same way as the fruitrollups did.

But they came in similar wrappers.
Barrass you're killing me! 001103
jiymni hello 020720
tina your wierd! 030220
Thibilent ethhh *ahem*
meaning you_are
jane you can roll me up in your fruit anytime 030221
jessica boho 040222
pheather i wrapped a piece around part of his penis and it tasted even better than skin. Yumm... 040222
pipers one of my favouritetest candies....gave me cavities 'cause they stick to your teeth but oh how eminently worth it they are...:P`` 040222
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