anne-girl not caring enough to do the right thing
not being able to resist the urge to {kill|steal|do what's best for ME}
being too afraid to stop someone

and probably some other things too
like lack of empathy and compassion
cold logic

but nobody's stopping "the rampant destruction of our environment" because it's easier just to do what we're doing
apathy, laziness
and to neglect to do something good has the same effect as causing the Bad Thing in the first place, sometimes

i think
. the only way evil survives is when good men do nothing. 050703
stork daddy sometimes empathy seems a strangely inborn quality. why else is there such an even distribution of it across all walks of lives...those who lived horrible desolate lives and those who lived spoiled lives and were taught entitlement? it seems equally rare sadly. perhaps i'm pessimistic. it does make those truly compassionate amongst us seem like angels sent by god or the law of large numbers. 050703
what's it to you?
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