birdmad Every day tinkering with the wiring

adjust the frequencies

tune out a little bit of the world over here, tune in some previously unseen part over there

Purple flowers.

deeper on the ground than the pale ones on the trees.

oleander, orange blossom, and rose

I have not walked by the sickly sweet palo verde and its yellow flowers in a while.

Always the faint bit of humor at watching it bloom in the midst of a decrepit lot full of contruction debris

subtle incongruities.
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User24 oh, I -like- that. 030509
User24 btw, birdmad, I've now download all of bte up to today, so I'll read them offline to catch up.

I'll forward a copy to anyone who wants, if that's ok with you birdmad..

(though it'll take as long for anyone to download my email as it will to download them from blather, which didn't take long, ( of course, I could zip them..

God I ramble sometimes, don't I?
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