Donald Trump Despite the constant negative press it's a word_of_the_day 170531
Risen Maybe it has something to do with the imaginary tax bill he thinks is doing well in Congress? 170602
unhinged the negative press is why it's the word of the day. the 'press' in this country is a joke thanks to bill clinton; kinda ironic that his frankenstein basically brought down his wife's presidential campaign.

i can't remember which ceo it was, but one of the media ceo's said they knew their constant and ridiculous coverage of trump was hurting america but he didn't care because it was bringing a lot of ad revenue to his company. they are continuing the same strategy now that he is president and covering a goddamn typo more than the fact that he signed a bill recently that requires drug testing to receive unemployment benefits. (but rt america is just a russian propaganda arm in america...even though they are one of the only outlets covering the actual evil heinous shit trump is doing under cover of these outrageous and substanceless stories). our media is basically a national inquirer on steroids.



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