Kevin Mark Jackson COVETOUS

In a moment of dejection
In a second of despair
In a period of anguish
When my life appears unfair

You are all I know I could be
You are all that I am not
You are everything I long for
And I crave for all you've got

You're composed in my agression
You're controlled when I'm confused
You're a wise man when I'm Nave
Now my ego's sorely bruised

Can you know I think about this
Can you sense that's how I feel
Can you help to ease the burning
Take away my fire and zeal

I know looks are not important
I know you have those as well
I know this is superficial
I am jealous; can you tell?

If I were to part our friendship
If I let the end begin
If I say it's come between us
Then it's envy: that's my sin

Copyright 1997 Kevin Mark Jackson
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