Death of a Rose your opinion to me,
for my use and abuse,
sign here and here,
use an daxle is you must,
only blood will do,
when dante's inferno swallows
you whole,
as sacrifice,
as animal husbandry,
as shepherd,
in life,
in death.
Doar Wave your grey flag at the wall of spears I have erected. 040817
pete declination point
1.3 degrees, increasing annually

winds blowing the storm over the hills of the shire,
the portugese take aim at the charging prazeros,
battle cries fill the air with terror,
maxim guns rip through flesh,
and before they know it,
the war is won--
or is that lost--
the treaty will never tell the truth,
the white man won't keep his word
and the black man believes the other's lies

declination point
1.23 degrees increasing annualy

along the limpopo
the trekboers made their northern border,
there they will establish a resting spot
and make treaties with their neighbours,
the portugese smile in kind,
keeping their word with fellow liars,
but the venda have fallen
to the maxim's call,
as their great kingdom
was established above the diamonds
what's it to you?
who go