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Coke Politics Meets Pepsi Folklore:-

Pepsi Bush ( War_president):-


Coke Blair (War_promoter):-


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ST the things you latch onto are just bizarre kx
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Finger M_force_Bush_to_apologize_for_waging_war_on_Iraq 040730
Moon "New York Times calls on Bush to apologize for waging war on Iraq"

Middle East Online:-

First Published 2004-06-17, Last Updated 2004-06-17 10:27:39. New York Times turns against Bush. NY Times calls on Bush to apologize for waging war on Iraq ... Bush. NY Times calls on Bush to apologize for waging war on Iraq. American daily accuses Bush of selling false link between al-Qaeda and Iraq ...
Finger Majority_of_Britons__Blair_should_apologise_ 040730
Moon The opinion poll for the Sunday Times newspaper

According to the poll of more than 1,700 respondents:-

Sat Jul 17, 4:04 PM ET

56 percent thought Blair would have waged war regardless of what the intelligence said, and

61 percent against 28 percent now believe he should apologise...
Finger Bush_and_Blair_should_simply_apologise 040730
Moon 5 June, 2004, 10:25 GMT 11:25 UK

Former chief US weapons inspector David Kay:-

"British and American leaders should simply apologise and admit that they were wrong.".

"Where_have_all_the_WMD_in_Iraq_gone" 040605
28 July 2004 * a_point_in_time *

Wed Jul 28, 6:12 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. officials should give up the "delusional_hope" that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction so they can move forward with reform, David Kay, who once led the U.S. hunt for banned weapons

a "Point" Iraq_war_illegal_says_annan_'un_secretary_general' 040916
15 Sep 2004 Iraq_war_illegal_says_Annan_'UN_Secretary_General' 040916
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