anyway big boobed borderline
silly slut
hilarious hypocrite
bashful bulimic
cute cutter
charming cheater
doesn't everything even out in the end anyway?
dB If I could kill with my eyes... 010708
silentbob kill me, break me, eat me, destroy me, cut me, gouge me, slay me, devour me, crush me, squish me, demolish me. 010708
black-dyed gel product no, i've got better things to do 010708
Casey least I'm good looking on the inside 010712
supersonic paranoid schizophrenic I conform physically and mentally only to the most obvious possible cliches, thank you very much.

Check out that Talking Heads song about the guy who stared in the mirror and imagined having a different face. It takes years, BUT IT ACTUALLY WORKS...
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