Q I'm sorry. I thought it was in the salt shaker, and we do not have any pepper. 000914
Alexander Beetle The day I can once again look myself in the eye and say:

"X is Y; therefore, it must be Z."

is the day I hang myself from the highest rafter.
Dis The smell of your scalp came to me in a rush of memory;

Delicious rare human oilfield,
Sweet and lush, scented like sleep,

"Mmm, there's nothing like the smell of a baby's head," my mother effused, nostrils wide.

(I cannot remember whose baby it was,
or if it really happened,
but there it is, regardless,
a memory out of time.)

Leaning perfunctorily forward,
I detected nothing.
Wriggling little Churchill,
Pug and corpulent, empty and waiting,
I detected nothing.

Until now.
WingedSerpent my arrival on any given locale is an assurance that things will be fucked_up 011207
ever i was jsut speaking to a friend of this and we could come up with not certainties in the world

Rhin it is a certainty that one day i will die. 021211
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