For sure! who loves the candyman? ain't he dandy, man? i haven't ever seen no candyman that ain't dandy, man. 000712
the angel with the scabbed wings be my victim 000712
CinnamonGirl Candyman is gonna lend me
for an hour his magic hat,
Then i won't have to imagine
everything will work just right.
I pay highly for that service
Not the whole cake, but a bite,
It's my one and only pleasure,
Like a blindman sensing light.
It is known to be unhealthy
Sweet destroy your mind and soul,
But i care not - i take plenty
Senseless floating feeling tall,
That is all.

Life is boring
Magic is fun
I don't worry
Damage is done.
june we don't practice it anymore i told you

it's useless
my goodness, you know wouldn't i be a millionaire you just want footage i know too bad
but she's dead anyway
what's it to you?
who go