IKC 56-80 "No you can't place faith i material things, material things will fail you, a hurricane triggered by a butterfly's wings, conspirators betray you"

--Scott Benzel
[.:..The SeeR ..:.] ahhhh... Machines of Loving Grace...

And now this!

A butterfly in Indonesia flaps its wings. This changes the pressure in the atmosphere around it, this in turn affects the pressure in the atmosphere of the field that it is flapping in. Over time, these changes will affect global atmospheric pressure and hence, a hurricane (arising from variances in atmospheric pressure) that was set to miss the East Coast of the USA before the butterfly flapped its wings, could devastate New York.

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Fractal_Geometry in the Fourth_Dimension
unhinged i was running late for work; in my hurry to catch the bus i had kicked the toilet so hard i turned my two little toes purple and then i had to run to catch the bus. my toes were not happy to be enclosed by my shoes and i was hobbling.

a monarch butterfly flew over my shoulder into the parking lot ahead of me.

i smiled.
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