P.I. 408 I have 1 biological brother......and over 23,000 fraternal brothers. Long Live Lambda Chi 020327
birdmad Good New_Order album 020327
andru235 to their arms i will return
from this painfully long sojourn
to their strong fraternal arms
where my heart will truly warm

oh, the passion, oh the drama
some boys will return to mama
oh, the drama, oh, the passion
to their fathers others latch on

faraway, another dimension
(please excuse this poor declension)
there there is another way
where the natives are the gay

here, yes, some find brotherhood
i'd like to know it, i really would
but i cannot delude myself
I'm Ghibelline and they are Guelphs

and so i wait for another life
what i seek is not a wife
here the queers are far to jaded
all they want is husbands, traded

but: i daren't to despair
for every soul has somewhere a lair
despite the greatest form of bribe
one can't escape one's soul tribe
what's it to you?
who go