dickie boat is boat 010808
kerry you can't help but miss
the way the water slices,
going from glass to rippling blue and green.
and cutting through that thick air
makes you feel beautiful.
but so lonely;
the towel you pull around your shoulders
is as close to a pair of arms
that you can get...
and no amount of fantastic daydreams
can make you stop aching.
and grimacing. and scowling,
and gritting your teeth.
to make them split down the middle.

so you are left with a
broken_face and a pile of
intangible wishes
no genie could grant.
ducks swim on by,
and the bats invade your nighttime swims,
when you stand pale and clear
open to the entire world
but no one can see you.

every other time
you wish you could escape being the
rotten part of the
gorgeous landscape round you
and be as transparent as the wind,
slicing bits of this lake.
what's it to you?
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