eskimos friend there's a dear friend of mine who i don't really talk to. we rarely see each other around, and we're both very quiet. but she talks about me behind my back. she expresses her concerns and her care for and her esteem of me, all in secret, to other friends of mine. and sometimes i get word of it, someone mentions it to me, or says that "someone was worried that...", and i know it's her, and it makes my day. secretly, i'm cared about. it makes me feel i'm being watched over.

she's my guardian angel, quietly hiding behind my back.

but she's not my eskimo, that's another role in my life altogether...
Anitsirk At least she's not really saying anything bad. People do that with me and its very hurtful. If you have something to say to me, say it to my face, not to people that you know will come to me with it. 040313
seventeen boxes, curtains, a means of escape. 040313
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